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WHOAAA ITS BEEN AWHILE [15 Jul 2005|01:09am]
[ mood | energetic ]

well people adrienne and i broke up liek early june, and ive been thorugh like 3 different relationships since then which all sucked ass, but i think i found a girlfriend who i can acctually share something special with, i really do like her and i think we love each other im really excited about this, shes so amazing, and beautiful ahhhh shes great. oh and damage case is today, yay!!!

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[ mood | cheerful ]

hello people, first off i never broke up with Adrienne, I couldnt do it, I love her to much, and weve been together for 5 months since today. They have beeen the best and the worst days of my life, but I always had her by my side and thats all I could ever ask for. I love her with all of my heart, she means the world to me, maybe the past 2 months were not so wonderful, but Im so glad that I never ended it.


Vommit And The UpChucks have shirts now, its the basic logo on a white tee for 8 dollars, and our tape for 2 dollars. so if you want, pick it up.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Im expecting 80-100 people at this show its going to be really awesome, so come out and have a good time.
My estimate is
20 people from madison
20 people from cooper
12 people from dallas
10 people from a-high
10 people from clyde
10 people who got flyers from shows
5 people who got flyers from primal
3 people from SA
plus 13 band members

So come early and get inside quick

Also in my life ive been looking back on my past and stuff, and theres only one song that fits me well
If your gonna be dumb, You gotta be tough.- roger alan wade

because if you listen to the chorus

if your gonna be dumb you gotta be tough
when you get knocked down you got to get back up
im not the sharpest knife in the drawer but i know enough
if your gonna be dumb you gotta be tough

if your gonna be dumb you gotta be tough
when you get knocked down you got to get back up
thats the way it is in life and love
if your gonna be dumb you gotta be tough

The reason why I think this song fits me so well because I have done so much dumb shit, where you have to be tough, such as doing drugs, breaking the law, ruining peoples lives, leading girls on, lying to people, and all the painful, gross funny stuff im known for doing, because everything either has an effect, or consequence. I remember being afraid to tell people in december about Adrienne and I, because i knew people would think less of me for dating a girl in san diego, now i could care less what people think, its not their relationship. So maybe i am dumb, but i know one thing for sure, im tough as fuck!

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SO LESS, SO MUCH [29 Apr 2005|04:34am]
well, i went to go film kyle a week ago
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
then i went to go film jake or vatto
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
saturday i went to primal and met up with gill and jimmy
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
monday at the benefit show, vommit and the upchucks played our first show, un expectedly, and played 2 songs
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and this thursday, adrienne decided that she needs time to find herself, and id ont know what to say to that, she said shes been sad for over a month, but never felt like telling me, we were kinda in a fight and i asked her if she knows were still in love? and she said she didnt know, at the end of the night she said she loved me, but its hard, so i cant make contact with her in any way until she figures things out, she said that i treat her like an animal, i dont see how, i think its because i care to much, i have no clue, i wsih we could just figure this out together, i know im going to miss her like crazy, and i still love her, i just wish things like this didnt happen, it feels like were not even together anymore, and i feel like im the reason that has made her sad for over a month, and i love her so much to where i want her to be happy, so if it leads to a breakup then let it be. because i just want her to be happy. and i wont hold it against her, ill understand, because shes better off without me

Now we'll move on with our lives and try to make things right
To learn from past mistakes we made before
If you want, I'll leave you be to figure out yourself
Before you figure out what's defeating me

There's no one left to turn to, another time we'll try to forget who tried
And now we'll move on with our lives
Not shedding tears, I'll get by (I'll get by)
You're better off without it
You're better off without him
You're better off without it
You're better off with anything

Now who came out the better person, the better human being?
And I'd really like to thank you for getting that person out of me
I'm wondering how you're doing and I'm wondering how you've been
And I really hope you're happy that you're happier with him
That time we spent together, did it mean anything at all?
And I'm not gonna sit here wondering why you didn't call?

Not shedding tears, I'll get by (I'll get by)
You're better off without it
You're better off without him
You're better off without it
You're better off with anything
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[21 Apr 2005|04:00am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

so its been awhile since i updated this thing, I went to the skate park last friday, filmed some more stuff for lonestar outlaws
Image hosted by Photobucket.com,
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
got the flyers done for the may 21st show,Image hosted by Photobucket.com and im booking ANS a show june 26th, monday i went to benttree apartments with chris, and steve took some more stuff there
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Adrienne and I have been together for 4 months since tuesday, i love her with all of my heart, and everything i have, i never want to lose her, she means everything to me, wednesday i went to hangout with the members of paddy wagon (kyle, charles) they have a pretty good set, cant wait to see them with a drummer then we drove to a church where kyle was trying to pull of a 3 stiar handrail, but couldnt make it, and passed out flyers to kids, and today were going backup there. and i got my speech done

media violence: images displaying disturbing images of violence, murder, rape, sex horror

media violence is very common in america to where we dont even recognize it anymore, i mean you turn on the tv the next thing you see are two cartoon characters fighting, may seem harmless to us, but not for a group of kids in oklahoma, they were watching japan anime and saw a guy kick someone right in the mouth so they tried fighting each other for fun, no one got hurt, but whats disturing about this is not only that it happens everyday in society, but what causes these actions? is it what we see on tv, since 2004 more teenagers spend 5/16 of their 7 days watching tv, who know what could they be seeing, you might be thinking v-chips will solve it. well most v-chips only block certain sohws rated something because it has more categories example something might be blocked for violence, sexual content, language, nudity, than blocking just a movie that has violence. even when the v-chip works, it blocks again regulated basic cabel channels, not hbo, cinemax, stars, etc. dr stouss says there is no real solution to solving this, because the human mind is capable of anything that it wants to accomplsh, meaning if a kid wants to watch pornography real bad, he will find a way, what causes this though? not only are these materials exploted through tv so not only are we trapped by our eyes, but by our ears. everyday we hear music and we nodd our heads and sing along to the beat. as were doing that the lyrics are typed in our head and we dont know what were saying it just sounds cool. one of the most common songs today is candyshop, i see people singing this song, and it disgust me to hear guys sing those lyrics. music is one of the most powerful forms of media, because it inspires us, it changes how we think about issues, what we want to be when we grow up, and it gives us a new life stlye, sure there are labels, but there are people who take off the labels, for instance in washington a kid was caught with theft of over 14 cds, most of which were rap, with parental advisroy, what do you think made this kid want to go out and risk his future just to hear 50 cent say your a pranksta because you never popped none? the only solution i think to this is read the lyrics to what your about to listen to, see if you like it, because if people see you listening to music descriptively describing sex, how to murder, gangs, rape, child abuse, it just shows who you are. another problem with media violence today are video games, i remember when i was 5 playing sonic the hedchog on sega genisis, 10 years later im glued to the screen watching aliens blow up picking out all sorts of weapons to easily defeat my enemy. why do we do this? the most popular game out to day is gta san adreas, its real fun you get to pick up prosttiutes kill anyone gamble, steal cars, beatup people, cuss people out, graffiti, destroy things, be in a criminal gang, murder, the unlimited list of guns you can choose, it so great...right? there have been 100,000 stolen copies of this game the question is why would peole want to steal something with this graphic material? there not so amny solutions to this, mine would be just be careful what you play.another from of media violence is one which slips by us without us even knowing, books. there some books out there that tae you away into another world, and escape from reality but there are some books out there that promote hate, racisim, violence, anti semeitcsm, such book as the turner diaries favored by neo nazis, and kkk members, this book is horrible, it gives details of things that will make your somach turn, to where if your racist, you will want to go out and kill, it is that serious, another book is the anarchist cookbook, this book is just a recipe book on how to make very lethal homemade bomsbs, nothing serious right? there might be some people who are not affected when they read this book, but did you know that on page 65 paragraph 3 is a recipe on how to make a bomd capable of blowing up massive buildings, dont believe me ask Timothy McVeigh oh wait you cant for he was excuted for commiting the oklahoma boming, the book was found on his shelf right next to his bibe, why would people publish such books? ive been asking why people do that, and do this the whole time, my theory is they see tv, music, games, books, as something that wont yell at them, be mean to them they escapse from the crap they go through in lives by killing megapixel characters, listening to something that wont yell at them and judge them but feel accepted, dont believe me? 2 boys there whole lives they were picked on for being different, which made a little spar, no one ever asked them if they wanted help, they felt alone, they felt cold, but inside there hearts they wanted revenge and they got there revenge april 20th 1999 they stepped into there high school columbine rebels and killed. some of us may know people like that all you can do for them and all they want is help, and love. my nimber one question is not to a person, but a system, why do doesnt the governement try to stop these things by taking action and getting rid of it? is it because its the of freedom press? but the law dosnet matter when it comes to war, because america went into iraq illeagally without the UN's permission and why to protect our freedom, our lives? arent those things on the line everyday because media violence is everywhere and the effects are follwed through everyday.why do i think the government hast tyed to really stop it, is because for every book, every game, that is bought there maing money off it, and why would they want to end a money supply,and why turn off all violent behavior shown on tv, because they know that violcence causes crime, and they know that when there is crime we are scared, and we are willing to doa nything to be safe again, and believe eveything they say just to convice that we are out of harms way again. my opinion on this listen to what you want to listen to, watch what you want to watch, read what you want to read, if your mature enough to control yourself.

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What The hell Is Going On Here [05 Apr 2005|07:48am]
[ mood | sick ]

alright i havnt posted in awhile, last weekend i went to the skatepark to film the team, we took a group photo
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
from left to right: Chris, Bryant, David, Jake, Mark, Jeff, Chris, Cody,
center: Zach, Adrian,
Unphotoed:pino, jimmy, gibby

im making an order for the team shirts but i need to what logo would look coooler so if you guys could help me out
Image hosted by Photobucket.com on a black shirt, with end the trend texas style on the back and the gun lgo in a white box or
Image hosted by Photobucket.com on a white shirt, with end the trend texas style on the back, everything between adrienne and i are cool were doing really awesome,i might go down to see her friday, doubt it, but you never know. and i dont feel good today so yeah

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Weeks almost over [31 Mar 2005|02:22pm]
[ mood | busy ]

alright so I ended up going to primal after all monday heres some photos

James getting on the mini ramp
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

James on the mini ramp
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The fantastic...three?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Were very loving friends
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

but besides fun at primal, im doing two shows april 16th with the scandals and reprehensibles and amy 21st with unit 21 and damage case, everything else in my life is ok, my grandma is in the hospital, I saw her yester made me sad for the rest of the day but she will be ok like always

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first post [28 Mar 2005|12:50pm]
[ mood | bored ]

alright i havent had a lj in awhile so i thought why not? today is the last day for our easter break, and im doing nothing, but talking to adrienne which is fun for me, she dosent feel good, so i have to take care of her, jimmy and harley wanted me to go up to primal, but i have no ride so i cant go so im gonna spend the rest of my day talking to my baby, like always

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